Wicked Beaver Brewing Process

Wicked Beaver Brewery is very basic. Wicked Beaver Beer starts with only pure natural ground water, enriched with essential minerals that aids in the variety of Wicked Beaver’s unique Malted Beer flavors. Our mineral rich groundwater comes from the Ogallala Aquifer, in the Panhandle of Texas. We use only the finest of ingredients from the best maltsters, hop growers and yeast suppliers. The quality of Wicked Beaver beer is only as good as the quality of our ingredients.

The Mash
We begin by mashing the malted grains to extract all the fermentable sugars. This is where a combination of malted grains and un-malted grains are added to build the body of Wicked Beaver beer. At this point, the mixture is called wort.

The Brew
Once sugars are extracted, then brewing our Wicked Beaver begins. This is where our hand selected hops are added to add to the wicked brew to add a slight bittering and our unique aroma to the beer.

The Fermentation
We are now ready for fermentation once brewing is complete. The wicked wort is cooled to room temperature and transferred into the fermenter. Yeast is added and the transformation of Wicked Beaver beer begins.

The Filtration
Once fermentation is complete, the Wicked Beaver Brew is filtered and transferred to the bright tank for carbonation. Finally The Wicked Beaver Brew is bottled, and sent to you, as your Craft Brew on the Shelf!